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Friday, December 12, 2014

Week ten - Assessing Technology Integration and Wrap Up!

With the fast development of technology and its application on our daily live tasks, we need to take advantage of it by using it in the best form possible. 
When using technology in teaching there are two important issues addressed which contribute to our students' development.
The first one is related to the fact that people nowadays use technology regularly, therefore by offering students the chance to experiment with new tools we encourage them to become active learners ready to participate, review and reflect upon, not only their work, but their peers' too. 
Secondly, technology can offer us tools through which the learning objectives are achieved in a smooth, interactive and cooperative way. 

The two tools presented to us this week, helped me reflect on the way I use technology in the classroom. (See models below)
My result was somewhat pleasing and I realized that this course has been a great inspiration for me. It feels like this opportunity is just the first, but extremely important, step towards a long journey. 

This course gave me the chance to try many methods and become aware towards their usage.  I have tried these tools either with my students or being in the role of the student during the course. These are the ones that I find most useful: 

- Web searching techniques (I tried and loved it. A plan to implement it with fellow teachers and students)
- The ABCD learning objectives;  (Tried them both as a participant and when preparing for classes)
- Creating blogs; (A plan to be implemented)
- Delicious bookmarking system; (I tried and loved it)
-  Rubrics; (I have been using them for four assignments now and they make everything easier)
- wiki classes; (wiki class seems like the perfect plan for having students upload their work so that they can give quick feedback and save time)
- Paddlet (Loved it when we tried it during the course. Planning to try it out with students during the second semester)

It has been a great journey so far and I will continue exploring this ocean of opportunities. 
 Till next time!


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